Make Textbooks Affordable


As we know, the price of textbooks is extremely high for university students. According to studentpirgs organisation, it states that students spend an average of $1,200 a year on textbooks, and prices have been rising more than for times the rate of inflation for the past two decades.

Publishing companies have been raking in huge profits while engaging in bad practices that drive up costs: issuing new editions that make used books hard to find, bundling textbooks with unnecessary CDs and pass-codes, and more. They get away with it because students don’t have a choice.Students have to buy what they are selling, even if the price is outrageous.

However, since extremely high price of textbooks for university students, it may affect the learning outcome of students who cannot afford the textbooks. Additionally, printing too much textbooks also affect our environment.

Therefore, Make Textbooks Affordable is a campaign which raising the public awareness of the unaffordable price of university textbooks and advocates the message of make textboosk affordable through using e-textbooks and textbookretals among Australian Universities.

Texts can be published online with low-cost and it is more convenient for students to read their textbooks through different digital technologies such as smart phones, ipads, and laptops. Reduction of printings will contribute to protect our environment as well.

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