Introducing Open textbooks

We are going to introduce ‘open textbooks’ for you guys and reason is because using open textbooks can reduce costs up to 80%!!!

Open textbooks, which mean universities texts that can be published online under an open license that allows free digital access, low-cost printing and customization by instructors. In most ways, open textbooks are quite similar to the texts seen on bookshelves today, for example, they have a table of contents, exercises, and they’re written by expert authors. In most cases, they even can be printed to look exactly like any other textbooks.

The big difference is the open license, which enables a wide variety of affordable textbook formats, including free web-based versions, printable PDFs, and printed and bound hard copies for $20-40. However, traditional textbooks usually cost $100-200 or more!!!!!!!!!! Increasingly, more innovative formats such as audio and e-reader versions are becoming available.

In addition, another notable difference is that open textbooks can be customized, Instructors can remove the chapters they don’t plan to cover, or they can add in other materials, homework questions or annotations. One of the most important reason why textbook rentals sometimes were not successful is because textbooks update too fast, some textbooks publish new version for every semester. Thus, students have to buy new textbooks for sure and cannot rent them. It can be said that open textbooks can solve this situation.

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