[Article review]This is not a problem only discovered by students

Ron Hammond, Phd, professor at Utah Valley State College, has quit using textbooks in his classes. 

The reason is that he feels the textbooks are too expensive.

The cost of textbooks is rising faster than inflation and Hammond doesn’t feel right forcing his students to purchase ever more expensive books on top of their already expensive tuition and fees.

“I think it’s immoral because of the cost of it,” Hammond told the Central Utah Daily Herald

Instead of textbooks, Hammond provide reading materials that could be check out from the library or download from the internet.  It is said that if every one of their professors did it, would save students (on average) $900 a year.

It took Hammond a year to rewrite his own curriculum, after throwing out all his old textbooks. “It was worth it in the long run,” Hammond said.

If most of the uni courses (because some of the course is impossible to use online materials) adopt this method, it could definitely help student to save cost in textbooks.


One thought on “[Article review]This is not a problem only discovered by students

  1. I really appreciate what professor Hammond did, he’s really nice. I think not using textbooks can give more flexibility to professors when it comes to choosing readings for students. And the readings can be more up-to-date as well.

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