iTunes and iCloud

Nowadays, an increasing number of people use high-techonology devices such as smartphones, laptops. However, apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook are even more remarkable. So it is necessary to introduce iTunes and iCloud which might helpful for our solution.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a media player and media library application developed by Apple Inc. It is used to play, download, and organize.The iTunes Store is also available on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Through the iTunes Store, users can purchase and download music, music videos, television shows, books, audiobooks, podcasts, movies adn etc.

What is iCloud?

iCloud lets you access your music, photos, documents and more from whatever device you’re on. It’s easy to set up and use.It can put your content on all your devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iMac by just download once.

iTunes and iCloud are good techniques can be used for our campaign. Textbooks materials can be published on iTunes and students can download textbooks on iTunes. After that, iCloud provides a more convenient condition for students. Students can just download a textbook into a device, then they can use different devices to acquire it and do not need to search or download again.

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