T.A.P. – Textbook Affordability Project

T.A.P. - Textbook Affordability Project

Textbook Affordability Project (TAP) was created by University of South Florida (USF), which promotes awareness of and access to textbook affordability issues and provide solutions to make course materials available that are up-to-date, satisfy academic needs, and are affordable to students.

TAP provides informative, effective and active solutions to the rising cost of textbooks, such as electronic textbooks, textbooks on reserve at the library, the USF bookstore’s textbook rental program, and course packs available through Blackboard.

TAP has 3 components:

1)Website and blog – Tap.usf.edu and Facebook page.

2)E-Books in the Classroom – making electronic books and textbooks available to students at no cost, with no time limitations. The USF Libraries will purchase electronic versions of books if they are available in that format, at the request of instructors.

3)Atlas-Ares Course Packs – readings and other course materials to be delivered through Ares software and integrated in Blackboard, with full built-in copyright management.

TAP can be seen as a successful project because it is funded by the Student Technology fee. Students have to pay a technology fee as part of their tuition fee. A portion of this money has been set aside to allow the USF Tampa Library to purchase e-textbooks that may be accessed by students at no cost.


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