How to save money on textbooks

Our campaign is making textbook affordable, at the same time, students could do something which helps too!
Here we got some advices for Students!

1. Steer clear of the bookstore.

– Shop elsewhere for books rather than just buy it in campus’s bookstore.

2. Buy used.

-Second hand books would definitely be cheaper

3. Share

– Students could split the cost with close friends taking the same course and share a book.

4. Check the library

– School library probably have a copy of the textbook.

5. Rent books

– A popular option in nowadays, like what our campaign had mentioned about the book rental campaign.

6. Opt for ebooks

– Not only save money, but useful when student want to reference the text inside because of the digital format.

7. Decide which you’ll use long-term.

– Think of which book you might use over long teem and consider purchasing just those books new.

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3 thoughts on “How to save money on textbooks

  1. Yup, textbook is relatively expensive , i do agree those method can save student’s money. Especially we may use some books for few lessons only, therefore we should buy decide which books are really needed

  2. The methods you’ve mentioned really do help students saving money. I’m borrow textbooks from uni library as well, but it’s a bit inconvenient when you have to borrow them before every tutorial. I think e-books might be a really good alternative to hard copy books, because it’s cheaper and a lot more convenient.

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