Students got their own ways



Here is a statistic of how students find alternative solutions to solve the problem of pricey textbooks.

According to this chart, in 2013 34% students would choose to download the course content from an unauthorized website, which increased drastically by 14% compare with the year 2012.  Other 31% Students choose to photocopy or scanned chapters from others’ books.

This illustrate that the e-book system could definitely help these student out from difficulty to pay for the expensive textbooks.  Instead of downloading from an unsafe and unauthorized website, an e-book system should be a more helpful tool for student to get the content of the course.


3 thoughts on “Students got their own ways

  1. I think if there are so many students looking for alternatives to buying textbooks, unis or schools should adapt to changing student needs such as lowering the price of textbooks by subsidizing students or provide online copies for the chapters needed for coursework/readings!

  2. Agree. Text books used in Tertiary education are extremely expensive, especially when they are only for particular subject that you will take in one semester only, it was really a kind of wastage for me to obtain them in authorized way. And most of the time, they are thick and heavy. There is no reason for me not to download them from web(no matter in legal or illegal way) and put them all in my iPad which I can use for all semesters.

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