Textbook rentals

Textbook rentals is a good method which helps us to save money on textbooks!

Zookal which is an Australian campany, providing a variety of service lines that make students’ live easier. However, textbook rentals is the the largest service line which provides a faster, easier and cheaper alternative to what is available disrupting the current textbook market.


In order to reduce the price of shipping charges for the rented textbooks, Zookal joined with Ozzie, Flirtey, to offer free textbook delivery by drone.


How this Flirtey works?

Students would start by ordering a text using Zookal’s smartphone app. That book would be loaded into a carrying case mounted on the underside of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), at a regional Zookal dispatch center. The aircraft – a hexacopter – would then fly to the client by homing in on their phone’s GPS coordinates.

It would fly using autonomous control technology, which would include a collision avoidance system to keep it from hitting things like trees or buildings. Additionally, it would feature a fail-safe system that would cause it to slowly descend to the ground if its battery pack died.

The client, meanwhile, would be able to track the UAV’s progress via its own GPS chip. When the hexacopter arrived at their location, it would hover in place and lower the text down to them on retractable cords.





2 thoughts on “Textbook rentals

  1. Wow! This is really awesome!! It not only help students save money, it’s also operated in such a efficient and high-tech way. I hope it’s gonna get more popular!

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