A New Definition of Publication

The capacity of publishing is getting diverse with the technology development in the contemporary society.

When it comes to 21th century, the meaning of publishing has been overturned. E-read, iPad, and other electronic devices create a new reading environment. A new definition of publishing embodies a technical based reading network. The internet helps set up the accessible, convenient and informative network of publications (e.g. iBooks, online bookstore). In comparison, libraries, bookstores, and physical publications are less consumed for some readers, especially for young generations.

These two blogs discuss the changing reading activity today and the development of social innovations and engaged media tactics. http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/11/11/social-books-hopes-to-make-e-reading-communal/


The multiple platform publishing is an essential social innovation in media and public sphere in contemporary communities. It influences the media industry tendencies and individuals’ interests. Since wifi has been popularised, electronic devices like smart phones and iPads are more suitable for e-read in publics. This is an advantage for online reading activity. Thus, one tactic for our campaign that make textbook affordable and student-friendly. http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/dec/19/ipad-publishing-kindle-books-apple

In conclusion, the contemporary publishing is not only a print-related industry, but also an internet-based network. E-read is a successful model which shows how ‘new’ publications are consumed. The new publishing is proceeding with internet, mobility and technological advanced devices. Therefore, the new definition of publishing is a strategy that our campaign will use in the hope of appealing to a diverse number of audiences.

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