Visual Media, Engaged Visual Information

As we discussed, the campaign aims to save money for students in terms of providing e-version textbooks and exploring other ways (find more in previous and later blogs). However, despite that reason we can see today’s media is shifting the majority focus to visualisation. Visual media creates a direct, instant and interactive information database in the hope of appealing to a diverse number of publications and audience.

I’m not sure if the future reading activity is definitely shifting to the digital format. For the new generation, digital publications are widely consumed. Johan Lehrer holds the idea in his blog says: “the physical version of books will soon assume a cultural place analogous to that of FM radio.” Thus, this is another reason we suggest offering online textbooks instead of the physical format. Digital platforms are easier to access and consume.

Further, the development of digital media has not only impacted on the general public, but also engaged with the media industry context. The meaning of publishing shifts from original print to a multi-media publishing era as well. In the new publishing era, the society prefers to consume technical and internet-based information. As a result, visual media provides a user-friendly platform which includes textbook access for university students.

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