Textbooks and University Library Services

Most universities in America have their rental textbooks system in terms of providing affordable textbooks for students from university libraries. When you log in the library system, for example, the MSU (Michigan State University) library provides options to rent a MSU textbooks or textbooks from other university or bookstores. Students can either book a textbook rental appointment or borrow books from the library at the beginning of a semester. http://libguides.lib.msu.edu/textbooks

rental_textbooksAmazon is considering building up a book rental library service. It will be engaged for Amazon if they set up the service. Both universities and their libraries are going to be promoted as well in this case. According to the Wall Street Journal, “is in talks to start a library service that will see folks pay a monthly subscription in exchange for access to book rentals.” Relevant reports indicate that book publishers will be offered a substantial fee to take part in the program, which has yet to be confirmed by e-tail giant Amazon.


In order to contribute the e-textbooks system and the textbook rental service, university libraries in Australia can offer a fact list to help students save money when purchasing textbooks. The list contains textbooks options, course recommendations, professor requirements and other relevant options recommended by colleges. Thus, students are encouraged to research their study up-to-date and check with their professors about lessons in regular. It is a good experience to enhance the learning outcomes for university students.

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