For the Eco-friendly and Sustaining Development

Use online textbooks and second hand textbooks are not only saving money for students, but also appealing to the demand of environmentally-friendly sustain.

According to Eco Women blog research: “The publishing industry is one of the world’s largest polluting sectors — for example, in 2008, the U.S. book and newspaper industries combined resulted in 125 million trees being cut down, which does not even get into chemicals used during production or the two industries’ massive carbon footprint.”

See Eco Women’s blog:

Further, during book transportations, fossil fuels are used repeatedly. The transportations may last from publication factories to bookstores; or from sellers’ places to specific buyers’ places. This may cost more of natural environmental resources.

This does not mean that e-readers will not cost natural energy. However, the electronic devices cost high-tech energy which cost less damage than producing and marketing physical books.

Textbooks recycle system can help provide a platform for students to buy and sell second hand textbooks. Most of students would not use their university textbooks that much. Therefore, textbooks recycle system will help them deal the second hand textbooks to save money for both buyers and sellers. Further, it is also eco-friendly for the environment and society. When we recycle second hand textbooks, there are no more needs to produce new books. Thus save wood, forest and fossil fuels in some degree.

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