How many ways can we make the textbooks affordable?

As we discussed so far, providing online textbooks, the university library renting service and textbooks recycling are all student-friendly and eco-friendly for the social community. Today let’s conclude how many ways we can make the textbooks affordable and how to complete the campaign strategy — to save money for students and enhance the learning outcomes.

  1. Providing online textbooks and notes. This way is actually undertaking by many universities in Australia. For example, if a course only uses one chapter from a book as learning requirement, the professor will upload the chapter online for students to read instead of buying the book.
  2. E-textbooks authority. This one is hard to be totally completed due to the copyright issues. Although, universities can still have a try to negotiation with authors, textbooks supply business and social media.
  3. Textbooks rental service. Most universities in America have their rental textbooks system in terms of providing affordable textbooks for students from university libraries. In Australia, we can provide a certain number of textbooks for renting according to the register of courses. Students pay deposit for each book and they can have the books for a semester from university libraries. At the end of the semester, when they return the books with a good condition they can get their deposit back.
  4. Textbooks recycle system. This system can provide a platform for students to buy and sell second hand textbooks. Most of students would not use their uni textbooks much. Therefore, textbooks recycle system will help them deal the second hand textbooks to save money for both buyers and sellers. Further, it is also eco-friendly for the environment and society.

Help Solving Campaign2—textbook recycling

There is another successful campaign in the field of the textbook recycling, that is ‘textbook recycling’

Although the textbook recycling is mainly recycle the old books and sale them in a lower price, they got new books to sale as well.

Therefore, the buyers could compare the price before buying.

Not only selling the second hand books, textbook recycling also provide renting services.

Customers could choose to rent the books and often save up to 70% off of the list price.


textbook recycling official site:

Help Solving Campaign— is an USA founded online campaign which specializes in the recycling of textbooks, DVDs, CDs.

People could buy used textbooks from, it definitely could help saving money, as well as cuts down on greenhouse gases caused by the manufacturing of new textbooks.

Buyers could pay by paypal, credit card, which is really convenient.

This is a really great example for our campaign to reference as it is a low budget but effective way to make textbook affordable.


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